• The name Waleska was derived from the name of an Indian Princess
• The scenic lands comprising Lake Arrowhead were originally at the heart of the Cherokee Indian Tribe
• 1828 – Gold was discovered in the north Georgia mountains, on Indian land
• 1831 -U.S. Supreme Court rules that the Cherokee nation is subject to state law
• 1832 – U.S. Supreme Court reversed their decision recognizing the sovereignty of the Cherokee Nation
• 1838- Beginning of the “Trail of Tears” by removing the Cherokee from Georgia to Oklahoma
• 1856 – John & Jane Puckett built their homestead on Lake Arrowhead land & named their plantation Lost Town.
Cherokee tax records value the home at $3,000- making it the most expensive home in Cherokee County
• 1899- the city of Waleska is formed1973-2006- the Purcell Company began the development of Phase 1 of Lake Arrowhead, comprising 2,000 acres.
• 2006- Johnson Development Corp enters into a joint venture with the Purcell Company to pursue major residential development of Lake Arrowhead.